• Recycling Revolution: From Bin Confusion to Eco-Warriors!

Did you know that a single plastic bottle can take over 450 years to decompose? Yikes! That's just one reason why EcoPal team decided to host a recycling workshop at Mason Public library on Saturday, Oct 28, 2023.

We were tired of seeing confusion around what gets recycled and worried about the impact on our planet.

And guess what? Our "Recycle: It's more than just trash!" workshop was a smash hit!
Here's how we transformed a potentially dry topic into an engaging experience:

1. Samples Make it Real:

We knew information alone wouldn't stick. So, we armed ourselves with a treasure trove of recyclables (carefully washed and sanitized, of course!). Aluminum cans, plastic bottles, cardboard boxes – we had it all. Seeing, touching, and even crushing these "waste items" helped participants truly understand what could be recycled and why.

2. Slide Deck Sizzle:

Let's face it, text-heavy slides are snooze-worthy. We opted for a visually stunning presentation with vibrant images, eye-catching infographics. We weaved in statistics that were relevant and impactful, but not overwhelming.

3. A collaborative spirit:

We encouraged questions, discussions, and even friendly competition. This created a sense of community and allowed everyone to learn from each other's experiences.

4. Celebrate Small Wins:

We ended the session by highlighting the positive impact of individual actions.

The Impact:

The feedback was incredible! People told us they learned more in our workshop than they ever had before. Parents were excited to involve their kids in recycling, and even some seasoned recyclers picked up new tips.



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We are developing EcoPal, a cutting-edge app that will make living sustainably simpler and more fulfilling than it has ever been.
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Our Vision:

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