• Happy Earth Day

Earth Day

Every Day is an Earth Day. Our home planet Earth, is the only known celestial object, that supports life, in our Universe. Let us protect her wild-life, oceans, polar caps, forests, mountains and other natural resources.

Reusable Bags

  • Take reusable bags for your grocery shopping
  • We can reduce / stop plastic bag manufacturing, by using reusable bags
  • Reusable bags are easy to manage, than use-and-throw bags. Easy to load to your car and unload to your kitchen.

Electrify your Household

  • Say goodbye to gas station and go with 100% Electric Vehicles. Even better bike or use public transportation.
  • Install Solar Panels in your roofs.
  • Retire gas stoves / ranges and go with Electric or Induction cooking ranges.
  • Install heat pump electric heaters for heating.


  • Reducing is better than recycling.
  • Buy only the things that you need, rent rarely used things. Sell or recycle unused stuff.
  • Walk in a park, rather than go shopping.
  • Buy experiences, not things. Some eco friendly experiences examples, stay in an air-bnb, go for a dinner, movie theater, bowling etc.

Plant more Trees

  • Plant many trees and shrubs. Provides Clean air. Sanctuary for birds.
  • Vegetable Garden. Good for your health and mind.
  • Separate out organic waste and make compost.
  • Use only natural, undyed mulches.

Our Vision:

To Empower Positive Eco-Friendly Behaviors
By sharing knowledge, identifying the barriers, and creating solutions to overcome them.


Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.
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