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Get Free Energy with a portable solar panel and battery power stations.

Technology basics

Battery Capacity is measured by WH. Learn by example: A 500 WH battery can run a 500W device, for an hour. When shopping for battery power stations, look for its Capacity. More capacity is better, but keep it mind it adds up weight. So, look for the weight as well.

Dust-off your physics knowledge. W=V*A.  Learn by example: A 480W device will draw 10 Amps current, from a 48V battery. Solar panels are rated for maximum Wattage it can produce. Your battery power station will have a maximum amperes and maximum voltage limits, it can safely handle. 

Our Setup

Bluetti Portable Solar Panel

EcoFlow Delta 2 1024WH LifePo4 is our battery power station. Good Quality Durable Product. There is an app, that shows the device panel. There are other good LifePo4 battery inverters, like Bluetti AC180. Do not buy a power station, without LifePo4 batteries. Ebay sells manufacturer direct refurbished power stations at a deeply discounted prices. These power stations can power devices up to 1800W (2400W peak). We tried power drills, induction stoves, fan, coffee maker, no problem.

Our portable solar panel is Bluetti PV350. It is a 350 max watts portable solar panel. Easy to setup and charges our ecoflow in half a day.


Solar power and lifepo4 batteries are amazing. Our Ecoflow 1024WH battery can be fully charged, in about 3 hours. I recommend this setup for your home, RV or cabin.



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