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What is Electrification?

Electrification is the process of replacing technologies or processes that use fossil fuels with electrically powered equivalents. This includes things like switching from gasoline-powered cars to electric vehicles, using heat pumps instead of gas furnaces, and electrifying industrial processes.

Why Electrify?

Oil and natural gasses are limited resources and soon we will run out of them. Besides, burning these materials produces CO2 and other harmful gases, that will damage our atmosphere. By electrifying our cars and all our appliance in our home, we are setting the stage for the future. As of now solar is the only easy to produce renewable resource. Only electrical appliances can be powered by the solar power.

Renewable Energy

Solar power is the best of all renewable energies. They can be produced anywhere and need not be transported. It can produce lot of power, when sun shines. Year after year the battery technology is improving. As of now, market is flooded with reliable Lifepo4 batteries. In the near future, we will have solid state batteries, which will be a game changer. They can be used in the grid to store and power an entire town. 

Wind mills are the second best renewable energy source.

Electric Cars

Pure electric cars are the future. Tesla is being the leader, though traditional car companies Volkswagen, Hyundai, Kia, Ford, GM, Nissan are catching up, by having a dedicated department to design and produce electric vehicles. 

EVs are superior to Gas powered cars in both performance and eco-friendliness. Gas cars emit about 1 pound CO2 every mile driving. Average EVs can touch 60 miles in about 6 seconds. Only expensive turbo charged gas cars only achieve, such fast acceleration. 

Besides EVs has only hundreds of components, compared thousands of components in a gas car or gas hybrid car. EVs generally durable and driven 200k+ miles. There are no transmissions, catalytic converter or cylinders to take care of. Maintenance is very minimal. 

Even-though, EVs are little more expensive, with the gas cost saved, breakeven within few years. Most of all, we can say good buy to gas stations.

Electric Appliances

Traditional HVAC systems with gas heaters are very in-efficient. Where as, Heat Pump HVAC systems are simpler by design. They are 3x efficient, as they don't produce any heat or cold. Just they transfer heat form inside to out in Summer and vice-versa in Winter. In US 25% of the energy is used for heating and cooling. Heat pumps will help cut the emissions.

Induction ranges are efficient than electric stoves.

Heat Pump HVAC system

Induction Cooking Range


Let us electrify our home, car and office buildings and be ready for the future.



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