This past Saturday 4/6/2024, the Mason Public Library witnessed something truly special – a composting class led by our very own 10-year-old environmental champion, Arjun Valathappan!

Arjun's knowledge and passion for composting were truly inspiring. He guided us through the science behind composting, different bin types, and the secrets to creating nutrient-rich "black gold" for our gardens.
We learned all about "browns" and "greens," the importance of proper ventilation, and even got to "touch" the real compost  (don't worry, it wasn't smelly!).

A huge thank you to Arjun for sharing his expertise and enthusiasm for composting with our community. It's clear that this young man is on a mission to make a difference, and we were all left feeling empowered to do our part in reducing waste and creating healthy soil for our plants.

For those who missed the class, or want to revisit the information, we will include a link to Arjun's presentation deck very soon. It's packed with all the composting wisdom you need to transform your kitchen scraps into garden gold.
Let's all give a big round of applause to Arjun for leading such a fantastic composting class! We can't wait to see what other amazing environmental projects he tackles next. 

We also enjoyed the casual conversations that continued after the class. Many of you shared your composting experiences and tips, and it was fantastic to see the excitement for this sustainable practice.

A big thank you to everyone who joined us!

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